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Looking for the database schema for TestRail Server


We have a requirement for some of our products that require us to house our data on our internal servers. I was wondering if I can get information about the TestRail database schema in preparation for an Server evaluation where we want to install the trial and try to hook it up to some of our internal databases.


Hi Troy,

Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have a public schema or ER diagram for the database (and this changes slightly with every version) but the naming conventions are very simple and relations between the tables are easy to follow in most cases. For example, if you have an attribute called case_id, this just relates to the id attribute in the cases table.

Please note that accessing the database directly is only supported for read-only actions and modifying the database in any way is not really supported (changing values, adding triggers, etc.). Modifying data programmatically is only supported via TestRail’s API (which has support for all important entities though):