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Looking for a way to Export or Create a Report containing Screen Shots


We love the ability to add screen shots to our Test Results, but we also need a way to create a report or export the details of a test run that also includes the screen shot. When I export a test run to Excel, the image is replaced with the Markdown url. For our validation reports it would be great to show the test run details along with the test result screen shot (used for objective evidence). Is there a way to produce such a Report/Export?


Hi Augusto,

Thank you for the post. In this case, you could use the print option on your test cases. This would include attachments that are referenced on your tests. You would be able to do this at the test plan/run level as well as at the test case level.

Would this help?



We have this exact same requirement. We need to produce a report of 100s of Test Run results that will also include the screenshots or attachments uploaded when passing/failing a test.

The suggestion by martylavender would work for a single test case but would not be practical for a Test Run with 1000s of Test Run results.

Are there any alternative solutions to this?

The only option I’ve seen so far is a XML export of the Test Run which includes a path to screenshots added as Comments


I have this same requirement and printing the test case results does not include the attached images. Here’s what I tried:

  1. Created a Test Run
  2. Added a result to a test case in the run which included a screenshot image
  3. Viewed the test result (I see the screenshot thumbnail and link below the test steps)
  4. Click the Print icon

In the print dialog, the only option is “Details” and it includes everything except the screenshot.
Is there a way to get a report of test results that also include screenshots without viewing each screenshot and manually piecing together a report?


Hi Brad,

When using the print option, images that are set up as attachments on the result will not be included in the printout, but if you add the image as an embed to the comments or another text field when adding the result, that will be included. You can click the add picture icon above a text field to see the dialog to upload or drag an image to be embedded. This works in any text field, like the comment field or in the actual result field if you are using a template that supports multiple steps. The embedding is done using TestRail’s Markdown formatting, so you can embed images that are linked elsewhere, or link to TestRail attachments that are already in the system with the following syntax:

To link to an attachment already in TestRail:

Or to link to an externally hosted image:

I hope that helps!


That is helpful. Thanks!