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Looking for a total test count


Is there a way to generate a report for weekly test count. Basically i went to get total test cases that were run last week compared to this week. That would tell me we had 10 new tests that were added and executed for the week.

I am looking at metrics to see how many test cases we create and are actively running a week.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your posting. New and updated test cases can be found with the Cases > Activity Summary report from the Reports tab. Tests & results (execution) can be found with several reports such as the Summary > Runs/Plans/Milestone or Comparison for Cases, for example. I would recommend trying a few of the Summary/Results reports to see which report works best in your case. For example, the Comparison for Cases report is a side-by-side comparison across test runs and this is often used to follow the test progress and make sure all important cases are covered:



Actually what i was looking for is the Activity summary report for test cases. That looks like what i need

Would be nice to have a total count of cases. Also i am a little confused with created and updated? I guess when you first create a test case it gets an updated count also. But what about existing cases? Does updated mean that a result was added to the case or it was executed in a run? Or maybe just the summary changed?

Just wondering what is considered an update.


  • Joe


Yea would be awesome to have a report new test cases created and executed per week to see velocity of the team. Not so interested on who but how many we do as a team.

In our case since we are all automated all new cases are automatically imported via api (Created) and executed at the same time.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for your feedback. Updated in this context means changes to the test case directly (changing their steps, title or any attribute) but not new test results.

Regarding test execution: Results > Property Distribution might be a good fit in this case. There are various attribute to group by (e.g. Tested By or Status) and the total of all groups would be the number of total tests (scope is determined by the test runs you include on the Sections & Test Runs tab when creating the report).