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Long steps to delete a Test Suite



In order to delete a “Test Suite” i need to perform too many steps. first i need to go in to that test suite, then click on Edit, then when i am in edit mode, then i have to click 'Delete this test suite". And even after going through , i think, three steps, it asks me “are you sure…” :slight_smile:

In “Test Suites & Cases” section, i can see the list of all the test suites, i have edit option available there, it would be nice to have delete option there too.



Hello Rizwan,

thanks for the feedback. Deleting a test suite is not what you do regularly (and cannot be undone), so it’s by actually by design that it’s not easily accessible from everywhere. It’s only one click more than providing a delete action directly on the test suite overview or view test suite page. But we take this as a suggestion of course and think about ways to make it easier.