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I am using SI mainly in dev/testing and I guess that is the intended usage. But I was wondering if couldn’t use it in production - but then it would be really nice if there was a “light LogViewer” that admins at the customers site could use to also access the log. with all the fileting capabilities, coloring etc. I imagine this could really be useful - and as a dev I wouldn’t have to think about a different tool for that purpose.

What do you think about that?


SmartInspect already includes a light viewer application. It’s called Redistributable Console and is basically a feature-reduced version of the normal Console. The Redistributable Console is not included in the trial version of SmartInspect but available as a separate download. I will send you the download link via email.

SmartInspect can be used (and has been designed) for both development and production usage. The great thing about logging in general and SmartInspect in particular is that (in contrast to other development tools such as debuggers) it’s really useful on production systems. You normally instrument your application during development and can then, after deployment, selectively enable or disable the logging for certain parts of your application (depending on the intended usage such as monitoring, debugging or auditing). That’s also the reason why SmartInspect has so many features which are related to production systems (such as configuration files, performance-related protocol options, log rotation and a lot more).


Thanks Tobias, that is a great argument in favour of SI :slight_smile: