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Logging verbosity


Is there a way for us to change the system logging verbosity level?

Currently our System Log only tracks failed authentication attempts.

  • We would like to be able to track ALL authentication attempts

  • Also we would like to track more details on the user for example, we would like to know their username as well as the IP address of the machine that they were logged in from.

I looked around for documentation on system logging and verbosity levels but could find none.



Hi Reagan,

Thanks for your posting! If you are using a self-hosted TestRail installation, you can find failed and successful login attempts on the user_logins database table. This wouldn’t include IP addresses but the username and additional context details.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias!

I will look into the user_logins DB to see what information might work for us.



Thanks for the update, Reagan, sounds good. Please let me know in case any questions come up, happy to help.