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Logging to SQLServer



You have mentioned elsewhere that logging to SQL Server (or any database for that matter) is an easy exercise if we follow the instructions at creating our own protocol.

Would you be so kind to create a tutorial or some some sql scripts as to what tables/columns are required in the datatable to record individual values as well as the raw data.

Is a stored procedure not required? Previous comments indicate all this will be handled by the protocol itself.

Perhaps someone else has been kind enough to provide their protocol/database setup that I could examine.



Hello Glen,

Thanks for your posting. There’s no built-in protocol for logging to SQL databases but we have an article about implementing custom protocols available on our website here:

SmartInspect does not have any preference for a specific database layout and you can simply store (or ignore) the set of fields you are interested in (using the standard library of SQL Server/your database engine).

I hope this helps!