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Logging silktest automation results in Testrail



I am exploring a way to integrate automation tool silktest with testrail. I need to log automation results in testrail. Silktest uses its own proprietary language 4test, and can not use .Net Dlls/Jars from its script.
So i want to use VBS to call testrail APIs and log results.

Can anybody help how to call testrail APIs from VBS file.

Accessing Testrail APIs from VBS

Hi Kalyan,

Thanks for your posting. While we don’t have a ready to use example API binding for VBS, TestRail’s API is generic HTTP (GET/POST) based API and it should be possible to access this from VBS as well. You can find a good introduction to TestRail’s API here:

Some information about how to make HTTP requests via VBS can be found here:

I hope this helps!