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Logging in javascript?



I just searched the forum for “javascript” and got no matches - now there will be at least one :wink:

Would like to know if there is any way to call SI from JS, because it would certainly make sense to have that logging integrated (especially during development, when all runs on the same machine).

All the best



Hello Michael,

There’s unfortunately currently no direct way to use SmartInspect with Javascript. I’m not even sure if it’s possible at all (does Javascript have an API for TCP sockets?). The only way I think this could work is by using Ajax to call some server routines that then forward the logging data to SmartInspect.


Hi Tobias,

thanks for the quick reply. I don’t know JS well enough myself to answer about the TCP-sockets, but I would hope that (maybe as part of some Ajax-framework) this could be done.

Maybe something for V3.5… :wink:


Ooops, I wasn’t logged in when I replied - but of course I was the Guest :wink:


I added it to the feature request list and we will look into it whether it’s possible or not. It would indeed be interesting as Javascript can get quite tedious to debug. A SmartInspect library (maybe even a very basic one) would probably help a lot.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Great, thanks! :slight_smile: