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Log live How to see


I’m using SmartInpect for Delphi and currently we are using it in a server environment (multi-thread) logging to a file (when we have a problem, we use the viewer which is been shipped with the product.
However, there are times when we are in a hurry, that we need to watch the log inside our application (without opening other application, specially when we are debugging in the client environment). Is there a way to do that? Make a form to open the .SIL file live and see the log inside some panel?

Best regards


I’m quite new to SmartInpsect so I might misunderstood the point, but if you take a look at the source example available in the SmartInpsect SDK link in the download section it seems that’s exactly what you need.

From the readme.txt:

The SmartInspect SDK is a small library for reading SmartInspect
binary log files. This library is written in C# and .NET 2.0 and
requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to compile and use. The
API is unfortunately not yet documented. Please refer to the
source code of the tools contained in the SmartInspect Resource
Kit to learn more about how to use the SmartInspect SDK.


Hi Alex
Unfortunately, I use Delphi so I think this SDK is useless for me.
Thanks anyway.