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Log Files Missing Entries


I have setup a logging server using the Message Router. I am rotating the logs daily and have a maximum log file size of 1GB. I have logged several days worth of data but when I go to open the log file I find only a short snapshot of data 400 Entries even though the file size is 200MB or greater. I am not sure if the logging is not consistently logging or if the log files are not showing all the data flushed.

Below is an example of my configuration:
file(filename=“D:\Logs%appname%.sil”, append=“true”, maxsize=“1048576”, rotate=“daily”, buffer=“32”, reconnect=“true”, reconnect.interval=“5”, async.enabled=“true”, async.queue=“131072”)



Do you have any Clear messages in the log generated by the clients (for example, added by ClearAll)? If so, you would need to make sure that the ‘Ignore clear commands in log files’ is disabled (Tools | Options | Logs and Restore). You can also send me a zipped log file via email and I’m happy to take a look (



If I reset the routing service does it overwrite the log?


It shouldn’t. You haven’t set the ‘maxparts’ option that would limit the amount of created log file, so no files should get overridden or deleted. Thanks for the log file sent via email, I will take a look.