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Log conversion to human-readable format


I was wondering if there is a way to get a human-readable version of the smartinspect log without using the console’s export functionality? Preferably from within a delphi program but a commandline setup would be ok too.

I’m asking about this because I would like to use smartinspect to log errors in a conversion process I’m currently writing. Unfortunately the people who will eventually read the log (the endusers) do not have, and cannot be forced to use, the redistributable version of the smartinspect console.



There currently isn’t a way to export a log to a text file without using the export functionality of the Console. Basic plain text logging is very high on our todo list for the very same reason you mentioned: for end-users who cannot use the Redistributable Console for whatever reason.

However, you can generate a plain text file alongside a normal log by using the TSmartInspect.OnLogEntry event and writing the titles of each log entry to a text file.

If this is not feasible and you need a way to convert an existing SmartInspect log to a text file, please email me and I will provide you with a code example of how to do this.