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Log Concatenation



We’re cleaning up some of our logs and want to be able to consolidate multiple logs into one as part of an install routine. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything in the help to suggest this is easily possible. Have I just not read the help enough?

Thanks for a great product.




Hello Phil,

you can currently only concatenate logs by loading them into the Console and then saving them as a single log file. There is currently no tool to do this on the command line or similar.

But since the log format is quite simple, you could also do this directly in your installer. For each log, you just need to skip the first 4 bytes which are always set to the ascii representation of the string “SILF” and mark a file as SmartInspect log file. The routine for concatenating logs could thus look like:

  • Create the destination log file and write the SmartInspect log header “SILF”
  • Then for each log, skip the first four bytes and append the rest of the file to the destination log

We also have an article about the SmartInspect log format in our article section:

Hope that helps!