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Log All Events



I have installed the rial within Delphi and understand how to log indivdual events, but we ned to record everything, maybe over a whole day to trap problems that are difficult to replicate.
Ideally we want a screen shot with every mouse or keyboard event, that way we can explain to users how the problem occured.

It seems like you have to manually log every event ? Which would take weeks to implement on large apps.

Thanks for any advise.
Andy Dyble


Hello Andy,

Thanks for your posting. SmartInspect does not support auto-tracing events or method calls, so yes, you would need to add the log statements to your code.

However, when you enable the Delphi IDE integration during the SmartInspect setup, SmartInspect adds a new ‘SmartInspect’ menu entry to your Delphi IDE which provides a dialog to automatically instrument the current unit with Enter/LeaveMethod statements. This usually helps a lot because by doing so you get a full method trace of your application. Please see the ‘Delphi IDE’ section on the following page for a screenshot of this tool:

We also have an introductory video about the instrumenter:

You can then add additional log statements (LogMessage, LogError etc.) over time.