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List of defects ever associated with the test case during test run


During running the test I’d like to see a list of Defects ever associated with this test case to have a clear picture what was the failures related to this test case (even if they are not described in the test case itself).

Ideally this list
a) should not contain duplication (so if e.g. for some reasons I failed last 5 attempts for this test case by the same defect which still not fixed I don’t want to see 5 same records.
b) It should be sorted in the way so last added defect will be on top and the early defects will be at the bottom.


Hello Aley,

Thanks for your posting and your suggestion. Improved visibility for defects is planned and we already have some ideas (and mockups) on how to integrate it into TestRail. We will make sure to consider this for a future version. That said, you can also look up previously failed tests for a test case by opening the Test Results tab from the sidebar of the test case page.



Thanks Aley for posting this because I am having the same concern with this.

Working nearly 1 year with TestRail, I have recently been poked by one of my people that he really finds difficult when working on a testcase without being aware of defects found on the testcase in question.

This mostly happens when we use Copy & Move feature. I understand why the results should not be copied as it doesn’t make any sense to use the result of last execution. I also observe that there is a field References in Testcase to refer to items such as requirement or bugs on external systems.

I think we should have the similar thing for internal referencing (only inside TestRail). Say like we should have:
1. list of testcases that having connection to this testcase (perfectly ones this copied from/to)
2. as the subject Aley stated, list of defects ever found on this testcase in this release and associated testcases in older release.
3. the list of defects should be editable so that we can focus on major bugs by removing minor ones.

Ideally this would look like this: we have testcase A as root, testcase B copied from A, testcase C copied from B; then any defects logged to A or B should be seen by C - the current one (it probably needs updating task triggered whenever we write down a bug).

The simple solution is to have a mapping table that allows user to add internal references to it however this would require lots of manual work done.

I can imagine the complexity when implementing this feature but this would add significant values to TestRail in the end.

Pop @ Unit4


Hello Pop,

Thanks for your feedback and the detailed explanation. Yes, this sounds good and we will look into it. I agree that it would be useful to include the full defect list for copied test cases. As you mentioned, this would probably not that easy to implement but we will look into it.