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List of changes from to



I upgraded our version of TestRail recently to I see now there is a new version of 5.5.0, which is

Where can I find a list of changes between the two versions?

Also, shouldn’t the new version be 5.5.1?

Thanks for your time.


+1, is it possible to have a changelog for this upgrade ? thank you :slight_smile:


Hi both - the reason for the version increment is that we discovered a couple of issues post release that were hastily fixed:

  • The mechanism for generating PDF reports interfered with the background task on our hosted environment in a way we didn’t identify during pre-release testing. While it wasn’t causing any visible customer issues, it was impacting behaviour in our cloud infrastructure, which required a fix.

  • We also identified there was an issue with the elapsed time datatype for Windows MS SQL Server instances, now fixed.

We currently have another release scoped that contains a number of other bug fixes for things that we’ve identified over time but weren’t in the scope of the 5.5 release. Once done, that would probably constitute 5.5.1, but we’ll be sure to let you know closer to the time.