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Linking to JIRA from a Custom TestRail field



I’m wondering if it is possible to create a custom test field in TestRail which links to JIRA as the Reference field does? In JIRA, we have a system where we have created test conditions as sub-tasks within stories.

For reporting purposes, I wanted to create a new field in TestRail called “Test Conditions”. The main story JIRA ID would go into the TestRail References field and then any JIRA sub-task ID’s would go into the new TestRail Test Condition custom field.

When I type in a JIRA reference into the Reference field, it links to JIRA. However, when I type in a JIRA reference into the Test Condition custom field, it doesn’t link to JIRA.

Is there any way to link it please?


Hello Mark,

Thanks for your posting! We would recommend using the same References field in this case and you can simply enter multiple JIRA issues by separating them by comma. TestRail supports this across the entire application and the coverage reports as well as other reference related features (live-lookup, linking etc.) will handle this correctly. A custom field type that behaves similar to the References or Defects fields is currently not available, but we can recommend using References field instead and this will provide the best possible integration and reporting.



Hello Tobias,

Many thanks for the response. Is there a way of breaking down the JIRA references when doing reporting? For example, I have an issue in JIRA (ISSUE-1) which has 5 sub-tasks (ISSUE-2 to ISSUE-6). I have 5 test cases in TestRail, all of which link to one of the sub-tasks in the main story.

So for example, my first test case will have ISSUE-1, ISSUE-2 as the reference. My second test case will be ISSUE-1, ISSUE-3, and so on. Management won’t be interested in the coverage of scripts against the sub-tasks, that would only be at a testing level. They will only want to see coverage against the main story (ISSUE-1).

Therefore is there any way to filter a TestRail report against the references to only show references to Issues and not to sub-tasks?

Many thanks,


Hello Mark,

Yes, you can use the Cases > Coverage for References report in this case. By default, this report will show the coverage/case mappings for all issues but you can specify a custom list of issues via the “The following references only” box. You should be able to generate a list of issues that are no sub-tasks in JIRA and can then copy & paste this list to TestRail and the report options. Would this work for you?



Hello Tobias,

It does work yes although it is a time consuming process to copy and paste the list into the report options from JIRA. It would be nice if there was a feature where you could pull all issues attached to a JIRA sprint into a TestRail milestone or test run, and then generate a report which measures test case coverage against those issues.

Many thanks for your help


Hello Mark,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, that’s definitely an interesting integration point and we are happy to look into this.



Hi Tobias,

I would just to add something to the original question… Something for your team to think about.

But right now, I would like to have two fields that would work as Reference…
I would like to use the Reference to link to my stories/requirements and a new field to link to Bugs in Jira.

Having both (requirements and bugs) in the same field (reference) it is a little bit confusing… I can’t see which one of them are my bugs or my stories.

Or, If we could see type icon in front of jira link… we could see the difference.



Hi Flavio,

Thank you for the follow up post. You could always create a custom field to hold your additional references. TestRail would not automatically link these to your defect tracker but you could easily copy and paste these into your defect tracker for viewing.