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Linking TestRail to AxoSoft


I would like to link TestRail to Axosoft to allow my team to push bugs over.

Currently when using the push option on a test failure, it creates a user story rather than a bug within the bug tracker.

Is it possible to directly create a bug using the push feature?

Plugin "YouTrack" returned an error: Not Found
Integration with Axosoft: Invalid HTTP code (404)

Hi Dave,

We recently updated the Axosoft defect plugin to support Axosoft v17.0.x, but it looks as though we need to make some further changes to accomodate Axosoft API v6.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Once I have a better view of when we can make and release those changes, I’ll let you know.



We’ve been working on that manually here, as we also really need that integration. Some parts are working, some are not so much, mostly because I couldn’t find relevant documentation on your side. If we can be of help…


Hi George,

I’m aware we need to update our documentation here, which I planned on addressing once we had moved things forward a little internally. If you let me know exactly what it is you’re looking for, I’ll see if I can provide you with some further information in the meantime.

Alternatively, you can always reach out to our support team, via



I can’t automatically create a defect, but at least I can link bugs and test cases back and forth now, which we couldn’t even do at all after the upgrade. I can wait for the rest, as I usually need some manual tweaking anyway.

Meanwhile, it’s been 4+ years since Ontime changed its name to Axosoft, so you could start your (one page) documentation update with that. And you could mention the version 17 break so that people are better aware of what they’re letting themselves in for?


Hi folks - after some investigations and discussion with Axosoft, our current resolution to this is the following:

  1. In your Axosoft Manage Workflows settings, in the workflow for your project - create a new Workflow Step called bug, defect or whichever name suits your team.

  1. Under Step Actions for the new Workflow Step, set the Work Item Type to “Bug (Issue)”.

  1. Under the Allowed Next Steps settings for the new Workflow Step, check all the allowed Next Steps for bugs/defects (or create new ones as desired).

  1. Save your Axosoft changes.

  2. Check your integration settings in TestRail. In particular, the defect view and add URL’s need updating from type=defects to type=features, so you end up with the following:

Now, when you push a defect from TestRail to Axosoft, you can do so in the normal way - but with an additional initial step of setting the Workflow Step to whatever you called your new step from bullet 1 above.

Dave & George, hopefully that goes some way to resolving the issue for you, though I appreciate it may not be a perfect solution. Based on my understanding from Axosoft, ALL new items are created as “Work Items” - which correspond to Features in their API. There is no way currently to create a new item of type Defect.

However, if you think there is a better or more preferred solution than the one I’ve outlined above, please do let us know and we’ll do our best to work with you and arrive at a better solution.



Thanks for looking into this, Simon. This solution wouldn’t really work for us as we’ve been using the separate bug tracker for some time now. I do understand this is a limitation of Axosoft, though.

Is there any way to remove the push option to avoid incorrect items being created from TestRail?

The Add option alone will suffice for now.


#8 Deactivating the plugin and just using the Add and View URL’s wil deactivate the Push mechanism.