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Linking Test Run part of a Test Plan to Jira issue

Since TestRail 6.1 (October 28th, 2019), we have the ability to join a Test Run to a Jira issue via the ‘reference’ field in the test run. But I can’t see this ‘reference’ field in a Test Run which is part of a Test Plan.

Am I missing something?

P.S. I would also love the possibility to link a test plan to a jira ticket.


Hi @hbonin - plan entries (runs in test plans) don’t have the reference field yet. We plan to support that very soon though, so watch out for further details.


+1 on this. The Reference field on Test Runs has helped a lot and I’m looking forward to being able to include Reference on either Test Plans or Test Runs that are part of a Test Plan - or both.

+1 here as well. Having it on Test Runs are awesome, but I make heavy use of Test Plans due to its support for Configurations and having the ability to link the runs inside Plans to JIRA stories would make things a lot easier for me.