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Linking test results to JIRA


Hi TestRail team,

I’ve been looking into the integration between TestRail and JIRA specifically around displaying test results in JIRA.

We have a dedicated regression suite with a number of test cases in that we run as part of a test run for each of our software releases. Thus this creates a number of test results for each test case.

For each regression test run we create a JIRA ticket to track the progress of the regression test run and we want to link the test results specific to that test run to the relevant JIRA ticket.

I know there are 2 ways you can establish links between TestRail and JIRA, the reference field at test case level and defect field at test result level, however, there are issues with both methods.

If linking the reference field at test case level to the JIRA tickets we end up with a long list of JIRA ticket numbers in the reference field. In addition, the results displayed in the JIRA tickets only display the most recent test result of that test case.

We could instead use the defects field to link to the relevant test result to the JIRA ticket but then that means untested tests do not appear in the JIRA ticket so there is no visbility through JIRA in terms of our progress.

I’ve seen this topic has been raised previously but wanted to know if you guys are going to implement a change to accomodate this requirement or if there is another way of linking test cases and results to JIRA tickets without throwing the issues I’ve raised above.