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Linking test cases to a test suite


Is it possible to link test cases to a test suite? Let’s say you have a test suite A with cases C1 and C2 and have a test suite with cases C3 and C4. You want to create a new test suite D that has C1, C2, C3, C4 as the test cases.

We would like to use this to have some test suites for different products, and have a “combination” test suite that only tests certain parts of each product. This would save us time because we wouldn’t need to add multiple test runs each time.


Hello Can,

This is currently not possible, but I have added it as a suggestion, thanks. Would it alternatively help if you could start multiple runs at once (e.g. from the run overview page)? If we added this, it would allow you to start multiple runs with just a few clicks without the need to start each run separately.



Hi Dennis,

That wouldn’t really be a solution to our problem I think. Because then we would need to redo the selection of test cases step each time. What could help would be if it would be the possibility to create a new test run based on an existing one. Then we could re -use the test runs we have done.

Also it would have been nice to see directly from a Test Case page which Test Runs it was run from recently.



both are great suggestions, and I’m sure we will incorporate them. I especially like the idea of restarting/reusing an existing test run so you don’t have to select the cases again as you already mentioned.



Is there a way to see what features you are working on currently, or if you have a roadmap of what things are to come?



There’s currently no public TODO list or roadmap. This may change after the 1.0 has been released but we do not plan to publish a roadmap during the beta. The beta should already be very usable and complete for its current scope. So, the 1.0 will be released well before the end of this year. Besides fixing bugs and issues, we want to incorporate some additional features based on beta feedback (such as yours) and then start finalizing the version for its initial 1.0 release.


It would also be nice to reuse a Test Suite/Test Case across multiple projects.

We have a “Company Wide GUI Testing Checklist” that needs to be applied to every project.


Thanks for the suggestion vphothisan, I’ve added it to our feature request list and will consider it for a future update.



Is this already implemented?
At least I was not able to find this feature.
It is highly requested to cover our strategy.


I’ved added Test Case links ie [C50591] to ‘Text’ Custom Fileds.
However I can’t get them to work in ‘string’ custom fileds…

are there any UI Scripts to add this feature ???


Hi @tauer, @IanRo,

@tauer: do you mean the case sharing? This is not currently available but we can recommend linking between cases and referencing other cases via the [C#] syntax (e.g. [C17]. Happy to add another vote to this feature request. Can you share a few more details what you are trying to accomplish? Most of the time we see requests for this feature, we can recommend a few changes how your cases are organized. For example, for many teams it makes sense to use a single project with a single case repository instead of multiple projects.

@IanRo: linking between cases requires the rich-text fields (custom field of type Text) such as the preconfigured fields for the Steps, Expected Result etc.

I hope this helps!



okay… I’ll stick with Jira as my cross referencing method between projects.
(use used to use the ‘Text’ custom field… but this takes up realestate on the page…
The simple ‘top’ location was the desired location :frowning: )


Hi @tgurock,

we use just one TestRail project.
Within that project we differentiate the sub projects with a prefix in milestones and testruns.
My idea is to have a superset of all testcases over all sub projects.
The projects link the relevant tests into their specific test runs.
This is to avoid redundancy and branching, since we have some tests which are applicable to all sub projects and others are specific.
It also helps to keep the tests consistent over all projects.

But thinking about your input, we currently discuss the idea of having just one set of testcases and add the specific tests into the sub project test runs.

Any other ideas?


Hello @tauer,

Do you mean test suites with sub projects? We can usually recommend using a single test suite (case repository per test suite) and this avoids copying/duplicating test cases to a large extent. You can use sections to group your cases and it can also make sense to use additional custom fields to categorize and organize your cases (e.g. a “tag” field based on a multi-select custom field). You can also use this field to filter your cases when building the case selection for your test runs.

I hope this helps!