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Linking test cases / test case hierarchy

Hi there,

is there any way to link a test case to another one? Want to show dependencies and hierarchies, e.g. to show that a test case is dependent from another one or even make a hierarchy where a test case can not be edited unless the one it is dependent from was finished before.


Nothing that TR directly does but you would have add a note in the Predefined Conditions. The closest you can get to it is to refer to another test, in the SAME project, by using the [CXXX] where the Xs are the Test case number. This can be added into virtually any Test Case field and it will show as a clickable link.

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Hi BGanger, thanks for your reply, that helps for some things. would like to refer to test cases via a value from a custom field but guess that is not possible anyhow?

A custom field that is a string could potentially also use the [CXXXX] structure. I would test it and see if it sees the link and formats it.

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Thanks again for fast reply. I meant it the other way round, refering to a test case by some other value than the one from the ID field.


Thanks for your question. I would request you to check the following post. It had a similar query.

Let me know if this helps !