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Linking Test Cases Or Supporting Nested Test Suites


I have looked at previous posts on these issues and am aware of your recommendations. However, our situation is a bit different.

Our company creates a diverse set of products. The test cases associated with these products are very different. Therefore, we created different projects in TestRail. Unfortunately, we have a client oriented group who often needs to perform test runs across multiple products for a single client or many clients within a single release cycle. They have no way to set up a single test run and pull cases from multiple projects. If they were to copy test cases, then they would be expanding the database by the thousands of cases. In addition, the maintenance on the separate test cases would be laborious.

If we re-architect to use a single project with multiple suites, we are faced with the problem of re-organizing existing multi-suite projects that already have test case sections built into each suite.

I’m looking for a win-win solution instead of a “lesser of two evils” solution. Do you have any plans to support linking test case copies OR to support nested test suites in the near future?

Thank You For Any Suggestions.


Hi there!

Thanks for your posting. I think a combined project with multiple test suites sounds like the best compromise. We usually recommend projects with a single case repository (instead of multiple suites) but it can make sense to use multiple test suites if the cases belong to different products as in your case. Using a single project ensures that you can create test runs/plans for all cases in this project and this would be the main reason for a single project (so there’s no need to copy test cases). Instead of nested test suites, you can simply use the section hierarchy inside suites to organize your cases further and the section hierarchy can be as complex or simple as needed.

I would recommend trying this approach in a separate test project or similar to see if this would work for you. Please note that moving test cases from one project to another also removes tests/results in active test runs/plans so it’s a better idea to copy the cases instead (and keep the original projects unchanged).

I hope this helps!