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Linking between test cases and test suites


Use case:

  1. Create test case A.
  2. Create test suit B.
  3. Link test case A to test suit B and to any Jira’s ticket (using “References” field).
  4. Observe test suit B.
    Actual: Jira see linked test case A and it is very convenient. But test suit B does not see that some test cases linked to it.

It would be great to see all linked test cases / suites to see all dependencies.


Hi Pavel,

Thanks for your posting. Do you mean test suites or runs? If you copy cases across suites/projects and keep the References field, JIRA would also show both test cases in the TestRail: Cases panel (the original and copy). Linked tests & results (either directly through the Defects fields or indirectly through References) are shown in the TestRail: Results panel, but only if there are any results (i.e. not untested tests).



No, I mean links between test case 1 and test case 2 or link between test case 1 and test suit 1.

Why I need it:
For example I have a mobile app and there is the standard Top navigation bar. I used the following structure - one screen = one test suit. Now I should make the same test cases for the standard Top nav bar in each screen. To avoid that I use the following: I create one test suite for Top bar and use only links to this suite from other test suites. So If my nav bar changes I need change only one test suite.
Current system does not allow work properly with such structure. I should create something like table of contents in such test suite (for Nav bar in current example) to track all dependencies. And I can not summarize total estimation for the whole run, because I use only one test suite as a link in many other test suites.
Practical example.
My mobile app has 3 screens. Each screen has standard top nav bar.
I create three test suites - S1, S2, S3. I create one additional test suite for Top nav bar (S4) and use links to this suit in S1, S2 and S3. I know that S1 takes 5 minutes to run, S2 takes 5 minutes to run, S3 takes 5 minutes to run and S4 takes 10 minutes to run.
I can manually count how much time do I need to run tests for each screen: (5(S1) + 10 (S4)) + (5(S2) + 10 (S4)) + (5(S3) + 10 (S4)) = 45 minutes. BUT! now current system “does not know my needs” and say that whole run takes only 5 + 5 + 5 + 10 = 25 minutes. Maybe there are some workaround?

So It would be great:

  1. Add linking between cases and suites and ability to see all “related” cases / suites.
  2. Maybe add some new type of suite / case, something like “class” and use something like instances of this class where needed.


Hi Pavel,

Thanks for your feedback and additional details! You can link to other cases in text fields with the [C###] syntax (e.g. [C17]) but sharing cases across suites or projects is not something that’s possible at this point. In general, we would recommend using just a single test suite (case repository) and this makes it much easier to create test runs or reports for all cases (the entire case repository), or smaller subsets. Instead of using test suites, we recommend using sections and sub-sections to group and organize your cases.