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Linked Test Runs No Longer Showing Progress in Jira

Love that 6.1 came out as it allowed us to reference Jira tickets under Edit Test Run/References and have the progress graph show on the equivalent ticket in Jira. I got a lot of thanks for that even though you guys did all the work!

Anyhow, last weekend we migrated to Jira Cloud and we re-installed the TestRail pluggin. Looking at tickets, the progress graphs/results are showing, so great.

However, I’ve now noticed that any Jira tickets created after the migration are no longer showing the progress graph/results or any detail at all on the ticket, though we are able to click on Runs, see the relevant Run and click through to TestRail. We are using TestRail in the same fashion as before.

Any ideas please?

OK - found the answer, sort of…

As default, nothing is showing but click the 3 dots and Show TestRail Results is a shown option - click that and “Hey Presto!”

Any idea how to change the default to Always Show?