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Linked custom parameters in Results


Is there a way to implement the following use-case?
When adding a Result, for a chosen executer (Assigned To) a default Environment will be automatically selected.

  • David -> PROD
  • Andrew -> BETA
  • Mary -> DEV


Hi Daniel,

It wouldn’t currently be possible using existing TestRail settings to auto-fill a specific field based on the ‘Assigned To’ user. However, you can probably accomplish using TestRail’s UI Scripts feature. We don’t have a pre-written script available for this, but you can review our UI script documentation here:

If your team does decide to create a custom UI script to accomplish this, you could always search through our forums to review any of the example UI scripts provided by other teams and then customize the script as needed. For instance, here is a post regarding making the Defects field required if a test is marked as Failed:

Please keep in mind that we generally wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot any specifics with UI scripts as part of our support and we haven’t tested the scripts in the link above, but hopefully they help you accomplish what you need.

Hope this helps!