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Linkable custom field?


Can I create a custom field that links to an external tool like JIRA?

I want to create a custom field that works like the references field but stores that value of a different JIRA issutype (EPIC). It would not work to list the story id and Epic id in the same references field as it would not then be serachable.

(I answered my previous question on missing custom field, I had assigned it to the test result not testcase screen)


Hi Tom,

Thanks for your posting. The References field fully supports multiple issue IDs (separated by comma) and you would also be able to search as well as filter for issue IDs in this case.

If you still want to use separate fields: there’s a similar custom field type you can use (URL) but you would need to enter the entire URL instead of just the ID. TestRail would then convert this to a clickable link when viewing a test case. It’s also planned to add a custom field type that behaves similar to the References/Defects but this is currently not available.



Just in case you don’t already have my vote for this, here’s my +1 :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies

I would prefer the custom field type that behaves similar to the References/Defects option as we would want to run reports on that field specifically, such as for traceability reporting.



Thanks for your feedback on this!