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Link to URL opens new window and closes TestRail


I added a link to a URL in places like the Project description. When I click on this, it brings up the URL but closes TestRail.
My work-around is to Right Click and choose ‘Open link in New Tab/Window’. Guess how many times I forgot to do that!
My URL format is

How can I set it to open in a new window, but leave TestRail running?

Links within Test Cases

Hi Donna,

Thanks for your posting. A regular link would always leave the current page by default and load the new URL but you can always go back with your browser’s back button. You can simply use Ctrl+Click to open links in new browser tabs (or often times also the middle mouse button).

I hope this helps!



Hey Tobias,

This isn’t the case, going back does NOT help as it wipes the results we have already entered. People don’t always remember to do middle mouse or Ctrl+click, they do what they usually do as it’s habit, especially when working to tight deadlines. Please see my current thread (Links within Test Cases), and advise whether there has been any thought given to a way round this.

Many thanks,