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Link to "Return to To Do" list


Hi, the dev guys here are asking if there’s a feature (or one in the pipeline) to jump straight back to their Todo list of tests they were executing. It seems that once you’ve clicked on a task in the Todo view, there’s then several steps to navigate back, ie, you have to go back to the tab and then drill down again.

Maybe we’re doing it wrong, please let us know?



Hello Sarah,

Thanks for your posting. If you need to navigate to the actual test/task (ie. you need more context information than what’s displayed on the Add Test Result dialog), the recommended workflow is to open the tests in a separate browser tab and then close this tab again when you are done testing. By the way, when you are on the actual test/task page and come from your Todo list, you can also use the Previous/Next links in the toolbar to navigate back and forth between the tests of your todo list.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.