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Link to issue tracker


I noticed the use of prefixes to link to a Test Case [Cxx], Test Suite [Sxx], MileStone [Mxx] etc.

How do I link to a bug/issue in my external issue tracker (we use mantis). I have already set up the Site Settings (integration tab).

I would expect to use [Bxx] (Bug) or [Ixx] (Issue) for this but that’s not the case.



Thanks for your message. You are right that this isn’t currently supported, but it’s already on our feature request list. When you configure your defect tracker URLs, TestRail will use those web addresses to automatically link entered defect IDs in the Add Test Result dialog. You can use the References field to link test cases to your Mantis instance. As I mentioned, we will definitely look into this for future updates.



Thanks for the quick reply.

I see what you mean. I can link a Test Case to a requirement (external requirement management tool) by entering RQ-xxx in the “References” field.

In my case, I wanted to add a reference to one or more bugs in a Test Run.

Does the following make sense to you:
-> Test Case: Reference to Requirement
-> Test Run: Reference to Bug/Issue

I will now try to put my mantis-URL’s in the “Reference View” and “Reference Add” fields (Site Settings) and see how it integrates with the Test Cases.



Thanks for the additional details. Linking test cases to requirements (References field) and test results to Bugs/Issues (Defect field) is usually how the fields are used. But you can also use the References field to link test cases to issues (or even Wiki pages with feature specifications).

How you use the References field is up to you and we have not called it ‘requirements’ on purpose because it’s not the only use case. But I agree that it would be nice to use the linking feature in text fields for both references and defects and I will make sure that we will look into this.