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Link TestRail / Assembla

Hello there !

I need some help about the link between TestRail and Assembla.
On my project, we use Assembla as ticketing tool and we can link it with TestRail.

So :

  1. I connected Assembla in Testrail :
    a) I go in TestRail Administration
    b) I select Project
    c) And I configure on defects tab

  2. I connected TestRail in Assembla
    a) I go in Assembla settings
    b) I select Integrations
    c) I select enable Testrail
    d) I configure

BUT ! During my testruns, I found a new button :

and when I click on it, I have an error message :

So, what should I do to access this founction ? Did I make a mistake when I created linkes between TR and Assembla ?

Thank you for your responses :slight_smile: