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Link TestCases across baselines for TestResult history


We use a single-repository suite and create a baseline at the end of each milestone. We run our ever growing collection of test cases on master until we’re in a release phase. We’d like to do some heat mapping and see stability of our products per area over release history. To do this we need a way to link testcases by their ID that were copied out to a baseline. In theory this would be as simple as creating a new table in the TR database that gets updated when a baseline is created to link individual testcases with their original in the Master.

If I had this much and it was exposed to the API, I can pull the data and build the reports myself. To really sell the feature, test cases in the Master suite would also have results and defects written against it’s ‘clones’ in different baselines. This would be extremely useful in long running products, products supporting multiple versions in the field or products that go through multiple internal release iterations.