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Link test cases to requirements


We use FogBugz for my team. I am looking for a better way to track requirements and TestRail came up as a possibility. My preference is to be able to tie requirements (aka Use Cases or User Stories) to tests and failed tests to FogBugz cases. Searched the forum for “requirements” but found nothing related to my need. I don’t want a heavy duty requirements mgmt tool (like Clear Case), something like TestRail would be a better fit. Another product, TestLodge, includes a Requirements item type with links to tests, but the Requirement has only one data field, Title, and it’s limited to 120 characters. Too limited. I would like ID, Title, Descriptionm and attachements/screenshots; and, the ability to create a traceability matrix.

What approach do you recommend?



Thanks for your feedback. TestRail doesn’t have a built-in requirement management module, because we found that most teams prefer to manage their requirement/user stories/feature requests within their issue tracker such as FogBugz, wiki software (e.g. the wiki module in FogBugz) or dedicated requirement management tool. That said, you can link test cases to externally stored requirements via TestRail’s References field. You can learn more about the References field on our website here:

TestRail also comes with various reports for requirements and other metrics. For example, you can generate traceability and coverage reports for requirements or defects from the Reports tab.

So usually the best way would be to store the requirements as cases in FogBugz or on separate Wiki pages and link your test cases to those entries with the above mentioned References field. You can then jump from test cases to requirements via the links in TestRail and also generate reports on the requirement/test case coverage.

I hope this helps!