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Link test cases between test suites


This is what I have seen in other test management tool and looking for a solution for below scenario in TestRail:

  1. Project A - holds 10 test cases
  2. Project B - get a link of 10 test cases from Project A. Its not a copy but link. Means Project B will see 10 test cases locally under project B
  3. Project C - Do the same as project B and should have same 10 test cases under this project C
  4. Now, Test case#1 gets updated or changed while working on Project A -> then test case#1 gets modified on Project A and C as well since they are linked and pointing to the same test case. Means its a global test case
  5. Same way anywhere you make a change of test case, every one will have the change since all projects pointing to the same test case.

Do we have this feature supported somehow in TestRail please? This is very important feature for the work that we do and a MUST thing to do. Can you please help?



I am very surprised that this request doesn’t even have any ack/response from Test Rail dev team. Indeed this is a very important feature. My current company uses Testrail and we need this feature badly. TFS has this excellent feature which allows to create regression suite linking from sprint TCs and let the team run it without touching original TCs. And if there is any change in TC, you can easily make change in the sprint level and everywhere the changes flow. Copying TC to Regression suite creates unnecessary duplication. Moving TCs even dangerous. You loose track of Sprint testing.



Thank you for the post. Currently test cases are contained within their respective project, and they can not be shared across multiple projects, suites, or sections. As you mentioned, you can copy test cases from one project into another project, but these test cases would still be different entities and would need to be maintained independently.

We have received this request before and we agree this would be a useful feature to have. We have plans to review adding support for this in future update and I have added your vote to our existing feature request for this. That said, we don’t have a specific timeframe/ETA to provide for this yet.