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Link existing test cases within JIRA



I have set up my Testrail trial, and integrated with JIRA. Within a ticket I see the option to Add Test Case. Clicking this button brings me to the new test case form in Testrail.

I would like to click “Add Test Case” in JIRA and be able to select which test cases to populate in the ticket, without having to leave JIRA. Is that not possible?


I was actually looking for the same thing. It makes sense to me to link already existing test cases. I also think there is a bug/missing requirement in this current feature.

  1. In JIRA add a new test case with the JIRA button “Add test case”
  2. Create the test case and click Add and next
    –> The reference field is now empty with no link back to the JIRA item

It seems very counter intuitive to me that this link would be cleared since the point of this view is to add test cases to the JIRA case we started from.