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Link a session to a connection



I don’t know if it is possible now, but it will be interesting to link a session to a specific connection.

For example, I have in my application a communication module, a data manager module and a user interface module. A SmartInspect session is associated with each modules.

Is it possible to log traces of the communication session inside a file named “Comm.sil” and data management traces in a “DM.sil” file and finally the UI traces in the pipe ?

Thanks for support.



Hello Pierre,

This is possible if you use multiple SmartInspect instances for the different sessions/modules. E.g., you could create a SmartInspect instance and related session for each of the modules, and associate a different log file with each SmartInspect / session combination.

I think this would work very well in the described scenario. Let me know what you think.