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Line Beaks in a table


We have a lot of change requests coming into our project now and we would like to keep the same scripts and just update them, I have create a Custom Text field and the format is markdown. i have created a table in this field something to the effect of
||date |CR |Change Made
||Test |link to requirement|added: text, removed: Text

What I want to do is be able to put Added/Removed on different lines in the same cell so it is more human readable. I have tried ‘\n’ “\n”


Is it possible todo this?

Kind Regards.

Hi Dan3,

Adding more option for the markdown is still on our to-do list and while I don’t have a time frame for this, we definitely understand that this would be useful to have and we want to look into this. I appreciate the additional feedback and I added your vote to this feature entry.

Although you can’t add a blank row in a cell within a table, currently, it would be possible to add a blank table row simply by supplying adding matching vertical pipes with no strings in between, i.e. the following;

||| :Page | :Option | :Value | :Error Range
|| | | |
|| Page 1 | Page Margin | 2cm | 0.5cm