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Limit to the depth of the group listing?


I was creating a new subsection which would be the 6th ‘level’ in the group listing in the Test Suites and Cases screen. I can create the subsection however I want to copy in some tests from another subsection (they are in the 5th 'level) but I can’t copy the test cases.

I can choose them and drag them to the new subsection but I can’t get the subsection to be highlighted and drop them there. When I try the test cases are still check marked in the original subsection and they are never moved (or copied) to the new subsection.

If there a limit to the depth of the group listing/subsections?




Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. There’s no actual limit for the depth but there’s a small issue with copying sections/cases into sections on a deep level. The next version of TestRail (4.0, available shortly) will allow you to resize the sidebar which will also make it much easier to work with large section hierarchies and many sections.