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Limit of cases to be included in add_run api


Would like to create a add_run dynamically with the list of test cases available, these are about 1000 test cases. Is it possible to add test cases to a run using the API, by using the criteria like “Priority = High” and Type = “Automated” to be added to a specific test run ?


Hello Sunil,

Thanks for your post! Currently the add_run methods wouldn’t support filtering test cases, and you would need to specify any IDs as needed within the case_ids field of the request. In order to do this, you would need to handle this programmatically, e.g. by using the get_cases method to retrieve the list of test cases and parsing the fields/cases that you need to build your test case ID array that could then be used to populate the case_ids field of the add_run request. Hope this helps!



What would be the limit of the test cases to be included as part of the add_run api, i have about 1200 test cases to be pulled.


Hi Sunil,

Thanks for your reply! TestRail wouldn’t impose any limits with this, so you would be able to add a run with this amount of test cases if needed. Just let us know in case you run into any issues or specific error and we’re happy to help troubleshoot!