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License just for viewing?


If I have a user, say developer, who does not use TestRail and does not have a license (aka login). Is there a way for this user to see details for Jira defect opened thru TestRail. If user clicks on the link in the defect would they be able to see Test Case info, attached images, logs etc???


Hi Vlad,

Thanks for your posting.

You would need to have a login to TestRail in order to see the reports/dashboards or linked test results in JIRA, as this would be required for the secure access to TestRail and to enforce user/project permissions. You would not however need a TestRail license/subscription for other JIRA users who don’t need access to TestRail or don’t want to review the test result details.

Alternatively it’s also possible to generate reports and forward them to non-TestRail users (you can even schedule this so reports are automatically generated). With TestRail’s low per-user pricing, many teams invite e.g. their developers to TestRail as well as this can often make sense to help review test cases, review results etc. But it’s no necessarily needed and you can even configure the integration so that TestRail would automatically include more details in the pushed JIRA issues, such as the test steps (you can configure this via the templates under Administration > Integration). The issues and description can be viewed in JIRA without a TestRail login.



Hi Tobias,

So to be clear. If I have a developer without a TestRail license but they still have a login. If they want to see results for a failed test (the link that I provide in jira) if developer clicks on this link, would he/she be able to see following in TestRail:

  1. test case description
  2. result
  3. images attached
  4. logs attached

When I test this now, developer does see it, but I understand that trial version is open to anyone.


Hi Vlad,

Each person using TestRail requires a separate user account and license. As mentioned, for most teams it makes sense to give developers access to TestRail as well (to see all details in JIRA as well) but this isn’t a requirement. For example, pushing details to JIRA or sending reports will also make data available to non-TestRail users but the best possible integration is achieved by having user accounts and licenses for developers as well.

I hope this helps!