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License expiration banner



TestRail is dispaying a notification yellow banner reminding about the license expiration date and users are confused about it. Is there a way to hide this banner?

Thank you,


Hi everybody,

I have posted this question almost a week ago, together with submitting an email to customer support and I got no replies. Is it possible to get some answers? Thank you


I don’t believe so - at least I see no settings in the Admin tab for a banner. How close is your expiration? We are little more than a month out and do not have a banner. We have been as close a 2 weeks I believe and never got a banner.

Maybe something the cloud version has but a self install (like my company’s) does not have a banner?


Any day now the license should be renewed but this “feature” is something that created a lot of confusion among users who keep asking about their access to the server and created a lot of work for our support to keep answering questions.

It took Gurock a week to get back to me on this one, with the same answer - there is no way to remove the banner! We are using the TR server and the banner is there, across all the screens though Customer Support says it is not. No ETA for a solution on this one.

Thank you for your reply,