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Lead role - what specifically can it do?

Is there a description anywhere of what the various roles (for me, specifically the lead role) can actually do? I understand these roles are configurable, but just wondering what they do by default. What I’m trying to do is be able to add a custom field for a set of projects, and need to be able to tell our IT department specifically what I need. I don’t really need global admin, this is just for a specific set of projects.



Hi @jimknowlton,
you need to distiguish between the privileges on project leven and the admin status.
The different roles are defined by your admin and base on the available privileges.

But this won’t help you by your requirement.

Custom fields and the usage in a specific project are defined by an admin only.
Unfortunately TestRail doesn’t differenciate between Admin on System level or Admin on Project level. So, you either have to ask your admin to add a custom field for your project(s) or become an admin yourself. :grinning:

@kwirth Thanks Karsten for giving the brief overview of user roles.

@jimknowlton I would like to refer one more old post to have better understanding.

BTW, welcome to the TestRail Community !