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Ldaps with Active directory

Hello friends. I have a need to make ldaps authentication between TestRail and Active Directory. I’m using TestRail with IIS. Is somewhere exist manual about how to config this authentication.

First Try:

Thank You for reply. But i have already configured Active Directory authentication, but by default it is using Ldap protocol for it. Now i need to change it to ldaps and i don’t know where to find how.

Well, I never had the task to do so…
I thought there were some discussions in the forum about it, did you check them already as well?



Hi Roman,

This isn’t something that we technically support. With TestRail Server, you can set up Active Directory or LDAP, but having both together would be something you would need to configure on your end with a developer. More info on setting LDAP or AD up for TR server can be found here:


Hello Shanu. Active Directory is kind of realization of LDAP. I just need to secure connection between TR and AD. I found instructions how to change auth file for Linux servers and what to do with certificate, but no info about WIndows.