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LDAP for Cloud!


So, is there a reason why we can’t intergrate our LDAP system with the Cloud install?

We really want to use the Cloud version of TestRail (for a ton of reasons) but without the ability to use LDAP to do our authentication may be a show stopper.

Is there a reason why it’s not available for the cloud version? I understand security; but this is only providing authentication (and quite frankly, if a company doesn’t want to use it they don’t have to).

Some of the workarounds that we are thinking of is on a daily (or on demand) basis we can export the users to TestRail on Cloud; but that won’t work great for passwords and folks will be required to have out-of-sync passwords – not great in the SSO world.

Is there anyway we can get this option enabled for Cloud?



Thanks a lot for your feedback! We don’t currently have a direct option/way to use LDAP/AD integration with TestRail Hosted (our cloud edition), as we don’t have a direct UI for the integration and the script usually requires small config adjustments for your environment. That said, the main reason we don’t have this as most teams/IT departments wouldn’t want to integrate their AD/LDAP with SaaS/cloud tools for security reasons, so we haven’t worked on this in the past. The integration would require customers to open up their AD/LDAP infrastructure which most companies wouldn’t be comfortable with.

That said, TestRail already makes it very easy to manage users with the bulk invitation feature and groups, so besides SSO the integration wouldn’t provide a lot of benefits. We do plan to review additional SSO options for TestRail Hosted as well and will also review the LDAP/AD integration for the cloud edition again, as well as other standard approaches such as SAML.