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Large tables not wrapping correctly horizontally


Dear Forum,

I add a rather large table to my results, as shown below:

I am working on a large full HD screen and table still does not fit into the screen and the page layout does not seem to align accordingly. Since I need all information in the table and cannot prune it in any way and I do not want to break it into two, is there any way to control the page width so that it wraps around the table and displays horizontal scroll bar and not just leaves the page and trails rightwards?




well because I have no idea about the complete usage just a probably silly question: Is’t it better to use an attachment for such bigger formalized Information?

This has drawbacks also, but it sounds easier for me…



It is not a silly question, but these are generated dynamically during execution (HTML code) and then ported into Testrail for display purposes only. If I wanted to save them as images, it adds manual work for each test case - something that I want to avoid for sure.

As a side note, I write all data into Testrail via API, and there is no API to add attachments. I guess it has not been deemed needed so far.


Just wanted to chime in that no api for attachments seems to be a need for many.


They’d need to make the table container overflow scroll. I’m not sure why they haven’t done that. Maybe need to create an extension/plugin until they fix it?


It is an easy fix and I could enable it locally but then again, it will be undone when update is applied, so I’d rather have it added by the developers. I suspect there should be a feature request submission mechanism somewhere in here (did not find it yet, though)


Generally done via the forums though sending an email to the support address cold be effective as well I suspect.