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Large count of test cases error "500"


I use TestRail v3.1.1.3130.

I have loaded 45000 tests in 2000 sections in one suite. (
But when I try to use “Show all tests and cases” and push "Show all cases"
I got an “An error occurred during the last operation. Please try again or refresh the current page.”

Also on request “get_cases” I got response code 500.

Is there any way to get more than 5000 test cases in one request?
Thanks for your attention.

In addition could you please to give me some link to limits of count of TestRail?

With best regards,


Hello Valentyn,

Thanks for your posting! This is caused by the PHP memory limit and you can change this as follows:

For very large suites like yours, we recommend using the section-only view mode which operates similar to Windows Explorer or Mac Finder (which also wouldn’t show all files on disk at once but only folder at a time).