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Keep testsuite description in the associated testruns


We encountered many issues in the past over this. Here is what you can do:

Under the Testrun Description Text Box look for: Use this description to describe the purpose of this test run. You can also reuse the description of the test suite.

Now we don’t have to copy and paste any preconditions set in the testsuite into the testrun anymore. Just a click and we are done.



Hello Domenic,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, this small feature was added with TestRail 4.0. Great to hear that this feature is useful for you!



This would be very useful for us, but I am not seeing this link to reuse the description of the test suite. Attached image of this area in Firefox 32.0.3 and TestRail v4.0.0.3252 on MacOS 10.9.5.
I am merely doing a ‘Run Test’ link underneath the Test Suite. (image attached). What am I doing differently/incorrectly.



The link is only displayed if the associated test suite actually has a description, can you please check this? Could you please also upload the screenshot/image you mentioned or send it to our help desk at



Thank you Tobias. In testing this, I did not have a suite description. Once added, I now see this link to reuse the description in the run. Very nice. Issue closed for me.


You are welcome, Tom, and great to hear that this works for you.