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Jump to next test in todo list mode does not work properly


I noticed an unexpected behavior when working through a test run in todo list mode. When I finish a test and want to jump to the next one I jump to the last one in the list. For example I was testing T282, finished an want to jump to T283 but “next” opened T333.

The next button works perfectly in “All tests in this run” and “All my tests in this run” modes.



When you use the next/previous feature in todo mode, the current test (T282) must be found in the current todo list, i.e. T282 must match the current filter on the Todos tab, so that TestRail knows where to jump to. If T282 does not match the filter (is not shown on the Todos page for the test run and configured filters), “next” will jump to the last test of the todo list. Likewise, “previous” jumps to the first test in this case.

So, if “next” jumps to the last test, T282 probably didn’t match the current todo filter. What may be causing this behavior is when you set T282 to “passed” and have configured the todos to not include “passed” tests (“All But Passed”), T282 doesn’t match the filter anymore and TestRail jumps to the last case. If you also include passed tests in your todo list, jumping to the next test should work.

I hope this helps.




Thanks for this hint. I will try this with my next todo list.



Okay, great. Just let me know in case there’s anything else we can help with.

Have a nice day,