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Job-GUID for multiple job Threads



I’am new and just try to implement SmartInspect in my Application / WebService. In some cases I have Jobs in Queues with a GUID and in multiple threads or on multiple servers that all have to log to one tcp console (router).

Now i want to filter / view all LogEntries from all Hostnames, Process and Application which hav the same GUID. So i try to set the Application Name to the GUID and then filter it. But then i’ve lost the different Application Names which worked on this job over machines.

So i’m looking for a “field” where i can store my job GUID and then later can filter in the console for this GUID. So that i need: Applicatio, Hostname,Process ID and Thread ID also Session is left to be manipulated / set with my job GUID.

Is this correct and the only way?
Did anyone know a better way to store and filter over applications, hosts, etc?


Hi Sascha,

Thanks for your posting. The Session ID would be a good fit in this case and this is one common use case for this field. Would this be an option?