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Jmeter TestRail Integration - 401 Authentication Errors


Hi Gurock community (…Tobias)

I am trying to connect to our https instance of Test Rail using Jmeter v2.13 and i am unable to connect. I am fairly experienced with Jmeter and i am having issues establishing a simple GET REST request to the test rail API. I am confident my jmeter https sampler is correct but i still keep getting 401 connections issues. I am able to successfully connect to the test rail instance from my browser using the same credentials. In my jmeter sampler i have tried my normal password as well as using the API password option. All the examples in the API are for simple http connections which is not a real world example anymore.
I am fully aware of the Test Rail API pages. so please links to these pages are not necessary.

What is even more strange is i can execute a cURL cmd from my terminal and make a connection to the Test Rail API, but using the same logic in jmeter sampler i am unable to.
This is driving me crazy.

is there anyone out there using jmeter that can help? Is there a setting on Test Rail that needs to be enabled or is a jmeter property issue.



Hi Jmack,

Thank you for the post and detailed information. In this case, this would be an issue on the JMeter side. In TestRail you would just need to make sure that API access was enabled under Administration > Site Settings > API